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Culinary Resources

Below you'll find a great selection of culinary resources. If you have a high quality food related site and would like to be listed here, please tell us about your site. You can contact us here.

General Cooking Sites, Tips, Guides, and Recipes

Looking for new ideas for meals, cooking tips, or guides? Below you'll find great sites on quality cooking:

  • Slow Food - A site on the "slow food" movement...the perfect philosophy of food!

  • Reluctant Groumet - An excellent site for home cooks with recipes, a cooking blog, tips and techniques, and much more.

Regional Cooking Sites

Here you'll find interesting sites on regional cooking and specialties:

  • Cajun and Creole Cooking - Recipes and information on cooking Cajun style, from South Louisiana.

  • Italian Recipes - Italian food recipes, from Chef Paolo Torre, including a great blog, cookbooks, and more.

  • Anna Maria's Open Kitchen - Another great resource for Italian recipes, articles, and cooking classes in Los Angeles.

  • Just Smoked Salmon - The perfect place to purchase fresh smoked wild Pacific Ocean salmon and Northwest smoking woods.

Culinary Schools

The Institute of Culinary Education

Want to become a professional chef? How about just learning to cook better? Check out the sites below to find great culinary schools and cources:

  • Culinary Schools - The best online resource for locating a culinary school near you. This site also has information on cooking degrees and career information.

  • French Culinary Institute - One of the most prestigious cooking schools in the US. If you want to learn to cook, this is a great place to take courses.

  • Le Cordon Bleu - Another top culinary institute, with multiple locations and programs.

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