I am finally back to blogging, and I’ve got tons of fun stuff coming your way! Christmas is by far my favorite holiday with all the great seasonal foods and festive atmosphere. Christmas cookies are a huge tradition in Austria, and my family is no exception. Every year, my mom starts baking in November filling tin after tin with the most delicious cookies, which are “off limits” before Christmas, but the best part is sneaking as many as we can…

Vanillekipferln (vanilla crescents) are probably one of the most iconic Christmas cookies in Austria. They are delicate with a crisp bite, coated with powdered sugar that’s been subtly flavored with vanilla. In order to achieve the perfect crispness and full aroma, it is crucial to let them rest in tins for at least two weeks. They are definitely worth the wait! If you can’t find vanilla sugar, you can make your own by flavoring powdered sugar with vanilla beans.

170g butter (unsalted!), cut into cubes
50g powdered sugar
70g almonds, ground
270g flour
4 egg yolks

200g powdered sugar mixed with 3 tablespoons vanilla sugar for coating

1. Combine butter, powdered sugar, almonds, and flour and knead until a smooth dough forms.
2. Form into a log, tightly cover with plastic wrap, and let rest overnight in the refrigerator.
3. Cut dough into slices.
4. Roll slices into small balls, and using your palms, roll balls into thin logs.
5. Shape logs into crescents.
6. Preheat oven to 200C and bake crescents for about 8 minutes. Be careful not to let them take on color.
7. When they are cool enough to handle, carefully dip and roll them in the mixed powdered and vanilla sugars.
8. Store in tins for about two weeks.


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