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Welcome to Gourmet Food! Our passion for food has taken us from New Orleans (where we met) and Vienna (where we nurture our addiction to cakes, pastries, and all things sweet) to some fantastic places around the world. We spend time each year in the US, Europe, and Asia, and one of our favorite parts of traveling is exploring local food and culture. We've had crazy good experiences (such as stuffing ourselves silly with panpepato in Siena, or sharing che with students in a small town in Vietnam's Central Highlands), but we've also had some experiences that were simply crazy (such as when we were offered grilled eagle claws by an Iban chief in the jungles of Borneo).

We love food so much we can't stop talking about it even while we are eating. When we are not traveling, one of us (Karen) loves to shop for cookbooks and cooking magazines and trying out new recipes, while the other one (Brian) can't think of anything better than supporting this behavior, so he can feast on new dishes. Here, we'd like to share our discoveries and our love of food with you.

These days too many people eat "fast food". It's made fast, with poor quality ingredients, and often eaten on the go. Care isn't taken with regard to the animals and plants, or in preparation. We think of food as an expression of the local culture and land, as a way to bond with others and to meet new friends. Our goal is to portray food as delicious and fascinating as it can be. You'll find interesting information on various food groups in our main categories, and much more on our Gourmet Food Blog, along with cooking conversion calculators to make cooking easier, and a lot more to come.

So check back often, contact us if you have any questions or comments, and enjoy your food!

Brian & Karen

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